Sunday, January 13, 2013

Extreme RV's

Not much news to post, but I do have the caboose listed on Uship and have been getting bids to have someone haul it home. So far a majority of the people bidding have a truck and a flatbed trailer which I don't think is going to work. The Caboose rides pretty low to the ground and I'm pretty sure it would tear up the rear if we attempt to load it onto a 31" high trailer. One rear step is already mangled and torn off (it was that way when I bought it) so I think the ground clearance is a big issue.  I've requested bids from some carriers that have lower trailers but none have bid yet. If anyone reading this knows someone who might have the proper equipment to get this thing home I would LOVE to hear from you! Or if you know someone whose uncle's neighbor's step-dad's sister's son-in-law's cousin's friend might have a truck and a drop-bed trailer!

Update on the electric inspection sticker: I was finally able to contact the person who is in charge of those sorts of things, and he told me the sticker was issued through a manufactured housing company in KY. I contacted them and they said the sticker was issued to a 16'x80' mobile home. Nobody has any idea how the sticker came to be affixed to the rear of the Caboose so that's another dead-end in trying to track down the actual title.

 I've been spending some time tossing around ideas for finishing the inside. The exterior will be restored to as close to original as I can get it. The interior is completely up in the air at this point. Obviously the placement of the cupola will remain the same, which dictates to a fairly large degree what can be done with the inside. Another issue is weight. The Caboose is approximately 5000 pounds in it's original state, and once I put all my "stuff" in it - clothing, food, pots and pans and dishes etc,  the total weight will be very close to the max towable with my 2004 Tundra. Do I rebuild with the intention of shedding as much weight as possible? Or build it using whatever materials I want and get a larger tow vehicle once it's completed? I made the mistake of watching an Extreme RV show the other night... Oh My!  Real tile shower enclosures! Cast iron clawfoot bathtubs! Gigantic residential refrigerators! HUGE walk in closets! Granite kitchen and bathroom counters! Million dollar price tags!