Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Tennessee is having unseasonably warm weather, and I'm not complaining one bit. The furnace hasn't run in over a week, and many days I have the door wide open to let the fresh air in.The only down side is the threat of severe storms. Yesterday there were numerous tornado warnings, but this area just had some wind and heavy rains.  

Despite two killing frosts many plants are still hanging on, like the raspberries.

And the honeysuckle which is tearing down (or holding up) the back fence. 

The iris have been fooled into thinking winter is over and they are sending up new growth.

Of course, some plants stay green all winter, like the holly. 

I don't know what this shrub is, the berries stay on most of the winter gradually darkening to a purple color.  The birds seem to leave them alone.  The leaves on the younger, lower growing parts turn a beautiful orange/red color that just glows in the sun.

 The main shrub is much larger and has a festive holiday look with its red and green color scheme.
The day closed out with a very pretty sunset. 

Wishing everyone a Very Merry Christmas, and a New Year filled with happiness.