Thursday, September 5, 2013

Interesting Craigslist items

I love old and antique "stuff" and occasionally I come across something really unusual. Like this 1880's Sheep Camp/Sheep herders wagon that is listed on Craigslist.

"Antique sheep camp on a 1927 dodge bros chassis...probably originally built in Casper, Wy...
The interior configuration is exactly as seen in their earliest models. I have the original wheels but they were in such poor shape and finding tires (?) So Land Rover fit the bolt pattern....
$7,500 507-865-4661 Serious buyers only, please!"

This is pretty darn awesome, wouldn't it make a neat tiny house?

Or how about this setup? I've never seen anything like this before, basically an entire kitchen in one piece.

"For sale--Dwyer kitchenette. 3 burners, refrigerator w/freezer and sink. Perfect for basement, garage or hunting lodge. Brown with stainless steel top. Outside dimensions 5' 3' long x 2' 1" deep x 3' high. Instruction manual included. Bret (605) 359-0086 Sioux Falls" 

Upon further reflection on yesterday's post regarding music (reflection that included a close encounter with some Bushmills 1608,  I've come to see the error of my ways. After publishing the blog post I actually opened up Winamp and my poor elderly Asus laptop nearly choked to death on the playlist, but recovered and did it's best to perform. I very rapidly realized part of the reason I very seldom listened to music on the computer is due to the extremely poor sound quality squeezed out by the tiny feeble speakers built into the Asus. A search through the house for my Creative I-Trigue speakers ensued, and after a brief period when I feared they may have been left in Sturgis last month they surfaced and were dragged to the travel trailer.  Note to self: the Caboose will have numerous electrical outlets strategically placed where they are needed. Second note to self: the Caboose will have a kick-ass built-in audio system for times when I want tunes. 

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