Monday, April 14, 2014

I broke my blog!

This post is a test. Hopefully it actually shows up! I had decided last fall to move the blog to Wordpress and managed to get that installed on my personal website and had a redirect from here, but somehow along the way I managed to not only break the new WP blog but this one as well! They've both been down for months, with occasional attempts to fix the mess with no success. It got so bad a couple weeks ago that I deleted WP from my website, but that didn't fix Blogger. So I tried reinstalling WP on the website, but then I couldn't even get the FTP to work. It's still broken. :(

On a positive note, I THINK I've managed to get Blogger to work again, but only by deleting the most recent posts I had on here. At least there wasn't anything too important that went missing.

Not a whole lot else has been happening, at least on the Caboose project. Disassembly has actually started, I've taken the window out of the door but only because the doorknob decided to freeze up and I was locked out. I have found a builder that makes chassis for tiny houses, and will be talking to them eventually about building a new frame/chassis for the Caboose, but the price tag is pretty steep and Uncle Sam's got his hand out and wants to get paid first.

The grass is green here, we've been eating spinach and lettuce and asparagus from the garden for several weeks, the trees are mostly done blooming and the bluebirds have 4 eggs in the nest box on the front porch again this year.  I don't have picture of any of this, so you'll just have to take my word for it. :)

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