Sunday, July 6, 2014

Quick trip to Salt Lake

My almost-son-in-law accepted the job offer in Salt Lake City, and this was the weekend for me to haul his belongings out there for him. He and my daughter left the southeast almost 2 weeks ago, traveling to Chicago, MN, SD, Spokane, the Oregon coast and Crater Lake before they headed to SLC to meet up with me. I took the straight route out on the boring interstate. I took very few pictures since it was a very fast trip, but I did snap a few. Here I am on the morning of the 3rd at the TN/KY border rest area. I sure would rather be hauling the travel trailer but I thought it was rather neat that the Uhaul trailer had the Corn Palace Mitchell SD on the side seeing as I'm a SD resident.

These haystacks were spotted in central Nebraska on the 4th, it's been years since I've seen hay put up this way. These things were huge, standing about 3 stories tall.

Just past the haystacks I still had the camera out and was able to snap a photo of this interesting speed limit signage. Which one is correct? One speed for the left lane and a different speed for the right lane?  LOL

Western Nebraska and eastern Wyoming had some weather going on. I love storms like this, where you can see the rain falling. One of the things I dislike about TN is not being able to see the weather, the hills and trees block everything until a storm is almost directly overhead. I grew up in the prairie, so I'm used to being able to watch storms coming across the land from miles and miles away.

I slept in the truck at the Summit rest area outside Laramie, WY. At 8640 feet it is the highest spot on I-80 in Wyoming and this was also the location of a rest area on the historic Lincoln Highway. The info center had a small museum and lots of nice displays about the original highway and Wyoming's abundant natural attractions and resources. In the morning I woke up to the dog bouncing from window to window and looking intently at something. The parking lot was FULL of these little guys, some sort of ground squirrel I believe.

I saw a few Pronghorn Antelope in Wyoming but being hot there wasn't much other wildlife moving about. The exception was this Bald Eagle. At first I thought it was a vulture, as it was very close to the ground and right along the interstate. I snapped the first picture, then it dove to the ground and snatched something without actually landing, and then flew off. I think it may have grabbed a small rabbit, but couldn't really see it and when I zoomed the full-size photo all I can see is something bloody. Not very good pictures, but since I seen the eagles so rarely I'll take what I can get.

Below is the zoomed in version.
Carrying breakfast away. I won't post the zoomed in version as it's rather gory.

The plan for this morning is to unload the trailer into a storage unit before it gets too hot outside, turn in the Uhaul and then laze around the hotel doing nothing the rest of the day. My daughter is riding back to TN with me, and perhaps we'll take time to actually stop and explore somewhere. I'll leave you with this picture of the most adorable Old English Shepard puppy I met at a stop in Nebraska, she is 5 months old and overflowing with energy!


  1. What part of South Dakota are you from? I never see those bales like that until I get North of Missouri and West of Iowa mostly. South Dakota was full of em when I lived up there though.

  2. I grew up near Sioux Falls, and that's where I last saw them, but it's been quite a long time since I saw any there. All I see anymore is the large rounds, with occasional large squares.

    1. I spent a few years in Herreid as a teenager, if I even spelled it right. About as far North as you can go and still be in SD. It was about 10 or 15 miles East of the river on that highway that runs from Pierre North. I used to go up to Sioux Falls every March up until about 10 years ago as well.

    2. I love that area in the summer, I've gone north in March the past few years as well for my tax appointment, but I don't stay up there until later in the year when the weather has warmed up and settled. They had snow in mid May this year, and I don't want to deal with snow and cold anymore after living there most of my life.

    3. The snow we used to get up there always made me laugh. It was like it would come down and blow away except inside the towns. It would be super cold and I would be walking around in a light jacket. I guess it was the lack of humidity but Winters down in Missouri always felt colder than there.

      The river was nice in the Summer. You don't want to go swimming in it down here :)

  3. I have said before you are a great mother-in-law to be !!

    I do not believe I have ever seen a squirrel like that one. The picture of the eagle is beautiful though not so much its prey.

    Have a safe trip back home.

    1. I'll have to do a bit of research when I get home and can stay connected to the internet, the WiFi at this hotel is really bad. It's too small to be a prairie dog, and the website I was looking at briefly showed two different ground squirrels that look very similar. There must have been a hundred of the little guys bustling around the parking and picnicking areas.