Saturday, August 23, 2014


The temperature yesterday was 89 degrees, with 88% humidity. For this I could have stayed in Tennessee. Blech!  I have been getting a little bit done here in MN, mainly trying to hack down the 4 foot tall grass and clean up a bit of the downed trees and brush from the big ice storm two years ago. I had to get a new burn permit, and it's been activated almost every day. Still waiting for my brother to find time to fly in from Phoenix and deal with the land transfer in northern South Dakota. In the meantime I've started cleaning out the house. It's over 100 years old, and not aging well at all. The cellar foundation is large boulders, and the concrete holding them together has been spalling off for decades, causing the house to sink and settle in rather unnerving ways. I really need to get everything out of here in case it goes down. My problem is what to do with all of it. I've got a good 30x50 shop building, but when it gets humid the concrete floor sweats and everything gets damp, plus the mice traipse in and out like it's got a revolving door. None of my books, nothing paper, nothing fabric can go out there for storage. I don't have space in TN to store it either even if I was willing to make a special trip to haul it down there.

So... the big sell-off and throw-it-out has begun. I had a dumpster delivered Monday, and it's nearing half full already, which is a positive thing. For a size comparison, that's Bubbles, my Great Dane, checking it out.

I've also started going through "stuff" in the shop, sorting out what to keep, what to throw away and what to try and sell.  Some of the stuff may be of interest to people who read here, so I will be posting some of it as I go along. If you see something you are interested in, leave a comment. Everything will also be listed other places, but I'll try to keep everything updated as much as possible.

The first pile of items I started sorting today contained all these vintage camp stools and a couple folding camp chairs. The first 7 feature dark green canvas seats striped with yellow, red/orange and light green. All are in fair to good condition for their age, some have some water staining on the bottom of the legs, and the canvas may have some stains and wear. I am not cleaning these other than to wipe off the worst of the cobwebs and shake off some of the dust. Asking $18 each plus actual shipping, buy 1 or all, I'll give a discount for multiple purchases.

This single dark green, red, yellow and black striped stool has a large stain on the canvas and a slight hole visible on the top edge where the canvas goes over the wooden frame. Asking $15 plus shipping.

The rest are in various states of disrepair. This white canvas is missing a whole strip along the back edge, replacing the canvas wouldn't be a difficult job. Asking $10 plus shipping.

This green wooded frame has had a previous canvas repair, it looks like someone just added another layer over the original and now both are shot. $10 plus shipping.

This orange framed one has had a hard life. The leg braces have been doubled up, and it needs more work to make it sturdy. The canvas seat was replaced with heavy webbing. $7 plus shipping.

There are two director chairs both missing the fabric for the back. The seat on the left one is much more stained than the one on the right, and the arms are missing most of their finish. Asking $25 each or both for $40 plus shipping.

Lastly there is a small folding camp chair, missing it's canvas seat. Asking $20 plus shipping.

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