Friday, October 3, 2014


I think I saw a few snowflakes whipping past the window of the camper just now!

How can that be!! It was just summer here! In fact we had 80 degree temps over the weekend, and even two nights ago it was very nice out, mid 70's during the day and warm enough to sit out by the bonfire in a T-shirt until late that evening. Bubbles, my antique Great Dane, has always loved bonfires, and this one was no exception although she slept through most of it. 

Yesterday was rainy in the morning and early afternoon, and quite a bit cooler, upper 60"S for the high. Last night the cold front came through with the wind switching to the north and starting to blow. This is today's afternoon weather update email I get from the Sioux Falls television station, KELO.

"Good Afternoon, Temperatures have been below average for all of KELOLAND today. Afternoon temperatures mostly in the 40s. It has also been a windy day with wind gusts in the mid to upper 40s and sustained winds at 20 to 30 mph. Most cloudy in the east with clearing skies in central and western KELOLAND and some areas in the east have even squeezed out some moisture some viewers have sent in reports of a few snowflakes.
For tonight, there is a Freeze Warning that will be in effect for the overnight hours for much of central and eastern KELOLAND. Skies are expected to clear out and winds to calm down so lows tonight will cool down to the mid-20s to around 30 degrees across the area."
I AM NOT AMUSED!! With no heat in the shop and no heat in the house it feels colder inside than it does outside, minus the gale force winds. Therefore, I am officially hibernating today.


  1. After all this is MN. I was going to have a bonfire tonight in honor of Homecoming, but way tooooo windy.

  2. The wind is dying down here, and the sky is clearing, setting up for a good freeze. :(

  3. Hurry on down south. It was 94 degrees yesterday and today it only got to 89.

    1. I'm trying, but there's still too much to get done here. I'm hoping for a good spell of warmer fall weather but I don't know if I'm going to get it.