Saturday, November 15, 2014

Quiet Saturday Night

Not much going on tonight, other than working on some shelving to hold canning jars. Last night was a different story though.

Sometime shortly after dark, I was sitting in the office when I heard sirens. I asked my daughter who was in the living room if they were coming down our road. It wouldn't be the first time, the guy 2 houses down has OD'd or been sick or suicidal or something at least a couple times a year since I bought this place. This time there was no ambulance though, and they turned off the sirens and lights a half mile before they turned onto our road. Next thing we knew there were 10 cop cars on the street. Cops were hiding behind their car doors with guns drawn yelling "Put the gun down! Put your gun down!" It took 45 minutes for them to talk the guy down, then they handcuffed him and threw him in the back of a squad car. As they left we counted at least one DEA vehicle along with a canine unit.

My property (6acres) is wedge shaped, very little road frontage, but the house is very close to the road. The next door neighbor has 19 acres, also wedge shaped with very minimal road frontage, but their house is set way back. The next place has 3  mobile homes on it lined up along the road, the nut job lives in one of them, so all this was going down about 100 yards away from my front porch. I REALLY need to be someplace where there aren't so many (stupid) people.

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  1. I guess that was a little too much excitement! Having that many guns so close would make me nervous.