Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cold, snow and freezing rain

Today was just another in the seemingly endless string of cloudy days, but instead of rain we actually got snow. Tiny little snow flakes that melted almost as soon as they hit the ground, which is fine by me. The steps and ramp iced over during the night, so the dogs were skating when they went outside this morning. They didn't seem very amused, especially the old Yorkie.
 The birdbath froze over, and there's more snow and freezing rain in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.
With all this wintery weather it's been a perfect day for wearing the toasty warm wool slipper socks that my older daughter made me for Christmas.

She also made me a new wool can cozy that fits a wide mouth pint canning jar. The new one is on the right (it matches my slippers), she also made the one in the center and gave it to me last summer. The left one is my first attempt at felting, it was supposed to fit my water bottle. For felting, you knit or crochet the item much larger than the final product will be, then shrink it. My first (and so far only) attempt resulted in a cozy that was the perfect height but way too big around for the water bottle but it turned out to fit a wide mouth quart freezer jar like it was made for it.

My older girl also was the one that turned me on to the Cuppow lid seen on the left jar, and I later found the stainless steel lid made by EcoJarz on the jar on the right. These are basically sippy-cup lids for adults (and kids). They keep the contents from sloshing out so they're great for taking in the car, and a straw will fit through the stainless steel lid. So now my feet are warm and my beverages stay cold.


  1. I think I need a sippy cut not only for the car, but for at home as well. I don't know how I can spill liquids as good as a 3-year old!

  2. I've gotten pretty darn good at spilling myself. I like the idea of the stainless steel lid better,but it has a silicone ring around the edge to keep liquids from seeping out along the rim, and it sometimes takes an act of God and a carnival strongman to get the lid off,so I use the Cuppow lid most of the time. Both are available on Amazon.

  3. Neat. I should make my Mom knit me a couple of those :)

  4. I see talent runs in the family.