Sunday, December 16, 2012

An epic journey, of sorts

WOOT!!  The Caboose actually went down the road today, for what was probably the first time in about 40 years!! OK, so it's not really an epic journey, but I thought it was pretty exciting just the same. I had stopped at the marina Friday to ask if I could park it there for a few days since they're pretty slow this time of year. The campground folks have been getting a bit antsy about getting out of there, and today was the day.  I got the tires aired up again (the left side ones don't want to hold air, not sure if the tires are bad or if the rims are just that rusty), stuck the magnetic towing lights on it, got it hitched up and hauled it out of the campground and down the road about 6 miles to the marina.  Top speed was only about 40 due to the very narrow, windy, twisty and hilly  road but it seemed to do just fine. No trailer brakes on it yet, so the slow speed was fine with me especially going down the steep hills to the lake/marina.

Here it is enjoying the sunset at the lake.  It sure sits higher on pavement than it looked in the woods at the campground.

I'm going back up tomorrow and see if the guys at the marina will jack it up and remove a wheel for me which I'll take into town and get 4 new rims and tires that I know aren't going to blow out on the highway going to TN. I may ask them what they'd charge to wire the brakes for me too, they'd sure be nice to have on the hills going into Nashville.

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