Monday, December 17, 2012

Ups and downs

Well, there's been a HUGE setback today. I drove up to KY again up to see about getting new tires etc, and noticed the tongue was angled upward quite noticeably, to the point it is bending the base of the siding.

I went inside to see what the interior looked like, and the whole front end is coming apart. There's a massive crack in the passenger side wall behind the front window, and where there was a  gap yesterday with an inch of daylight showing through is now about a gaping hole about 4 inches wide. There's also a crack in the bathroom on the driver's side, not quite as big but still bad bad bad.

These discoveries led to me crawling underneath to look around, something I wasn't able to do when it was sitting in the woods at the campground. The frame is rotten. Really rotten. The worst visible areas are actually at the rear, not the front where the cracks have formed, but the wood frame is also in far better shape at the rear so maybe that's holding it together.

Frankly I'm surprised it didn't all come apart yesterday when I was towing it to the marina.   I'm going to have to find someone to haul it on a flatbed or something, I don't see any other way to get it home. The folks at the marina are great and I gave them a month's storage fee so I don't have to rush to get it out of there. Any comments and suggestions would be extremely welcome!

On a more positive note, after what seemed to be a futile 20 minute chat with the folks at the courthouse in KY about getting some sort of tag/title/permit to pull it home (this obviously was before I discovered the damaged frame) I mentioned there was a KY electrical inspection sticker on it. They gave me the name and number of the fire marshall who keeps track of such things, and he was very helpful. He searched for the number and said if it was inspected there must be a title or registration for it. He said according to their records it was sold in January 2009, and gave me the sellers (a business) name and phone number. When I called got a recording saying they are closed Sunday and Monday so I'll try again tomorrow. I don't want to get my hopes up too much but I have my fingers crossed tight, since I would LOVE to get it titled as what it actually is and NOT as a homebuilt.

Also, the blog has 1000 page views, and hits are coming from RV and camper forums I didn't even know existed! Does this mean I'm almost famous??  LOL


  1. hun get it home , and completely dismantle it panel by panel then have use old frame as template and build new one , being so rare it will be worth the money and you'll have a brand new camper let me know on bath room ,a stand up dorm shower would be perfect ,

    the gnome

  2. Find a trucker/shipper specializing in odd-shaped equipment hauling--industrial equipment comes to mind. They can place the caboose on a low flatbed and WRAP it in high-strength plastic/polypropelene which will minimize any wind damage. The military and industry types do this all the time with damaged helicopters and such. I'd be the quotes are less than the storage fees at the marina...

  3. You're remodeling will be fun to watch. I'll add you to my blog tonight. Good luck.