Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter has arrived

It seems winter has finally arrived here in southern middle Tennessee. After several days of cool rainy and breezy weather we had a bit of sleet and even a few snow flakes last night, and the forecast is for cold temperatures and snow through Saturday night. After spending most of my life in the upper plains and dealing with mind-numbing cold and blizzards every winter this should be a walk in the park, but it seems I've acclimated  and am now a Southerner, because this cold snap feels REALLY cold!

 So much so that I haven't gotten motivated to do anything with the Caboose yet. It is still sitting at a cockeyed angle on the driveway where it was unloaded.  The acreage here has a somewhat level area next to the road, roughly triangular in shape, where the house and shed are located, then it drops off dramatically right behind the house. How dramatically you ask? I can barely climb up the old old logging road that runs diagonally across the hillside and it's at a far easier grade than the hill itself. The driveway slopes down towards the "cliff" with a flat area just before the drop off that is large enough to park the Caboose for the demo and rebuild, but right now it's still sitting on the sloped area.  I need to hook up to it and straighten it out and move it a bit further back to where the ground is more level, but with all the rain I'm concerned about the truck slipping on the slope. I've got a very vivid imagination, and I can just see the Caboose and my truck both sliding backwards on the wet grass and slipping over the precipice, then careening down the hill taking out small trees and leaving large pieces of truck and trailer along the way.  LOL

 Due to the angle it's sitting at I'm not comfortable even going inside. Just standing on the boarding platform makes it want to do a wheelie, so for now the Caboose just sits patiently as it has for the last who-knows-how-many years, waiting for the sun and warmer weather, dreaming of going down the road on a great adventure.

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  1. Vivid Imagination!!! But stuff happens; very windy and the storm is trailing with more wet ground. Spring may get here if were lucky!!