Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sibling rivalry

I still haven't started on the Caboose, but I did add another vintage camper to the herd. This Shasta 1400 is from the early 70's, it's another "no title" project, but at least it seems to be in better shape than the Caboose. Negatives: there is water damage in both upper rear corners, the original fridge is long gone and an air conditioner has been put in the spot the fridge used to occupy, cushions and fabric need replacing, the running lights are non-functional, door handle is broken off but still works and there are two holes that were cut in the floor for ice fishing. Positives: it tows beautifully, it still has it's wings and most of the gas light fixture inside, the window glass is all intact, and I'm told the electrical inside all works. Not sure about the stove. I think if I reseal the edges and around the roof vent to keep any more water from getting in I would be able to camp in it for the summer without any major work. It's parked in MN with a tarp over it until I get up there to work on the roof.

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