Friday, June 14, 2013

A(nother) travel trailer

I've been looking for a smaller travel trailer to use while the Caboose undergoes it's rebuild. The 30'  KZ Sportsmen that I bought last summer is just too big for what I want or need, and it's really pushing the upper limits of what my truck can tow. I consigned it last fall at the dealership where I bought it, but so far no one has shown any great interest in it. 

I stopped in at the dealership last week and looked around at what they had on the lot for smaller travel trailers. I was hoping to find something that I could trade even up for mine. There were some nice ones with small slides, but the price was too high. I didn't want to have to hand over cash for a smaller trailer. I came across a KZ Classic 204, that really seemed to fit what I was looking for.

We discussed price and trade-in, and I said I would think about it. It's only 20 feet long, no slides. I like the fact that the bed is sideways which frees up a lot of space. Most folks seem to want a walk-around bed, but I always thought that took up so much extra floor space which is at a premium anyway in such a small camper. I really like the fact that there is NO carpet in it. The bathroom is almost identical to the one in my big KZ. The fridge is just 5 cubic feet, that will be a challenge, along with the puny 20 gallon fresh water tank. There's also no oven. It should work fine though for my younger daughter and I to take some extended road trips in, and for me to live in this summer while trying to get the farm house and shop building cleaned out. And best of all, it has enough sleeping spots for my older daughter and myself and her kids to go on our annual weekend camping trip.

I stopped back in at the dealer today to tell them I would take it, and after spending some time trying to recall the figures she had quoted me last week we agreed on a price that would give me almost $1000 more cash back than originally discussed.  I'm a happy camper! I'll be picking it up on Tuesday after they've done the final prep work on it, and I'll have a couple weeks to get all my "stuff" loaded into it in preparation for heading north. Even fully loaded it will weigh in almost 2000 pounds less than the big KZ weighed empty.  My truck will be a happy camper as well!  lol


  1. Cute blog, I must read more of it to find out how you ended up with 2 trailers and a house in Tennessee. Are you still planning to live in the caboose fulltime?

  2. DearMissMermaid, I actually have 3 travel trailers and a Class C motorhome. And the house in TN, and 2 acreages in MN. I started out as a snowbird here in TN 3 years ago, and then decided to become a full-time RVer. I wanted a smaller TT than the 30' KZ I had, but something a bit more economical than the Class C. I found the Caboose, and yes, I'll live in that full-time once the restoration is completed. In the meantime I still want to spend my summers as a nomad, so I bought a vintage Shasta 1400, but title/licensing problems are still being sorted out so it's not able to travel down the road yet. So.... I traded the 30' KZ for a new 20' KZ so I am able to satisfy my wanderlust this summer.