Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Cat hair everywhere!

Still in TN, but packing up the last of the things into the trailer in preparation for hooking up and heading north. One of my concerns has been how to deal with the cat and dog hair in the small travel trailer. We own several different brushes and combs and shedding tools, but so far none have been super effective. Hoping that they were as good as they were claimed to be, I bought a FURminator deShed Tool Cat Lrg/Purple Short Hair. I've looked at them before, several times in fact, but the price always kept me from buying one. Let me just say, I wish I had bought one years ago! This thing is amazing! I knew the cats were shedding a bit, but a few strokes with the FURminator and there were PILES of cat hair! We filled the trash can after only 5-10 minutes per cat! This is Tyndall demonstrating the hair removal process. This is what 5 or 6 strokes with the deshedding tool accomplished.

This should massively cut down on the cat hair floating around. Mr. K(itty) tolerates a collar and leash pretty well, which is a good thing since hair removal really would be best as an outdoor project. I'm hopeful that after a week or so of daily brushing the volume of hair that is left where he lays will be minimal. I certainly hope so anyway, since cat hair is truly unruly stuff. Dog hair is civilized, it just falls off the dog and lays on the floor where it's easily swept or vacuumed. Cat hair on the other hand is truly evil stuff. It's not content to just lay on the floor waiting to be banished into the depths of a vacuum cleaner.  Oh, no, it swirls and drifts in every small eddy of air, even gathering together with millions of other homeless hairs and forming drifts behind doors and under furniture. (Who named it fur-niture, anyway, the cats?) 
And cat hair isn't content with just taking over the floor either. It is so light and fluffy that it becomes airborne at the slightest provocation, floating up to wrap itself around the leading edge of the ceiling fan blades, clinging to photos and everything else mounted on the walls, and perching carefully on any and all horizontal surfaces at any elevation in your home. And it has some sort of magical ability to cling to everything... 3M's super heavy duty Dual Lock Velcro has nothing on cat hair, it's almost impossible to remove it from any articles made of fabric. It's on your clothes and up your nose, and it stealthily works its way into everything you own.
When my older daughter moved in with me after her divorce, she complained about Mr. K shedding on things. She has 3 cats of her own, but they are all of the orange persuasion, and therefore her entire wardrobe was carefully color coordinated so the cat hair was camouflaged. Mr. K's handsome salt and pepper hairs stood out like a sore thumb. The FURminator will be a huge help in cutting down on the sheer volume of the shedding, and hopefully those black and silver hairs are aren't removed by brushing will blend well with the upholstery in the travel trailer.


  1. The Furminator is pretty great. Someone warned me about over-furmination, but it never got to that point with ours.

  2. I had never even considered over-furmination, but I can see where that might be possible over time. Thanks for the heads-up!