Monday, July 15, 2013


No, I'm not talking about molten rock oozing from the center of the earth, but rather Magma cookware. I've been searching for a good quality set of cookware for the travel trailer that wouldn't take up half of the limited available storage space. After doing a lot of research on both RV and boating sites I decided on the Magma 10 piece stainless steel nesting cookware. The box arrived yesterday, and all I can saw is WOW!  This is some nice stuff! Magma is made in the USA which I'm very happy about, and it's some very sturdy stuff, much heavier than I expected it to be. The set weighs in at just under 13 pounds.  Ok, so weight in an RV is also an issue, but I'm willing to maybe toss something else out in favor of solid cookware. After all, I'm taking several pieces of cast iron cookware as well, so what's a little more weight?

There are 3 good size saucepans, a skillet and a stockpot, with 2 interchangeable lids and 2 removable handles, plus a bungee to hold it all together in the cupboard. The whole set nests and takes up less than 1/2 cubic foot of cabinet space. Perfect!

You can also get it with a plain stainless steel exterior, but I forked over a few extra dollars to satisfy my obsession with cobalt blue. There is a no-stick version, and they also make a version that works with induction cooktops which are becoming more common in RV's.  The set was not cheap, but it is restaurant quality which should hold up well for years and years of use and abuse.

It was another hot and humid day here with rain again this afternoon. I wonder what it's like to have a day without rain? The raspberries are loving the heat though, the second harvest is just starting and the plants are absolutely loaded with berries. Unfortunately the lawn is also loving the heat and rain, but it doesn't dry out enough to mow so it's getting longer and shaggier by the day. Hopefully I catch a break and can get it hacked down again sometime this week, although the forecast doesn't look promising.

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