Tuesday, February 17, 2015

4:44 PM

That's when the lights went out yesterday as the ice built up on the power lines and trees. I moved into my bedroom and closed off the rest of the house, lit a few candles and kerosene lamps in the bedroom/bathroom, and stayed fairly warm for the evening. It was still around 60 in the house when I went to bed, but was down to 45 when I woke up this morning, so the dog and I moved into the camper where there is heat, lights, and water. Still no power this afternoon, so I'm sitting at *gasp* Starbucks to use their internet.

The chest freezer is covered with a couple heavy blankets, and the stuff in the refrigerator should be fine as the house isn't much (if any) warmer than the food should be. There's really not a lot I can do with all the ice, other than hope they get the power back on soon and pray the water lines haven't broken from freezing. I may drag out the generator when I get home and run the heater under the house for a few hours to help keep things a little warmer under there, we're not getting above freezing today. It's only supposed to get down to 21 tonight, but tomorrow night the low is supposed to be 0 and Thursday's high is only 19, Thursday night a low of 6. I'm NOT amused!  lol

There are a LOT of branches and trees down, lots of trees totally uprooted. The sun has tried to peek out several times today, and it's really gorgeous when it does. I took a few pics on the way into town, but the internet here is so slow I'm going to wait and upload them when I get my power back at home.


  1. Gee all we have had this winter in Mn is a little snow, but mega cold the next few days. Stay safe

  2. I hope you warm up soon. It's usually possible to stay warm with the right clothes, but not having the house warm enough to keep water lines from freezing is scary. Take care.

  3. Why suffer with the cold house and possibly damaged water pipes when a simple (sized correctly) generator can make your life comfy when without grid power?

  4. I do understand you! I am afraid of cold a lot. Hope they will turn a power on soon. Take care.